Stunt resume - Fredrik Blom


Height: 5'12" (183cm)Weight: 176 pounds (80 kg)
Hair: Dark blondeEyes: Blue
Waist: 32"Inseam: 34"Shoes: 101/2 (44)


The Last KingStunt Performer2015
Welcome to SwedenStunt Double2015
Maria WernStunt Double2014
The Fourth ManStunt Performer2014
Swedish Eurovision Song ContestStunt Performer2014
The CircleStunt Assistant2014
100 CodeStunt Performer2014
RevengeStunt Coordinator2013
Filmz TV Star Trek SpecialStunt Performer2013
Thicker Than WaterStunt Performer2013
Bobby BladeRigging2013
Skineater Music VideoStunt Double, stunt coordinator2013
Christmas of the ThievesStunt Double2013
EgoStunt Double2012
WitherStunt Double, stunt coordinator2011
Hamilton 2Body Double2011
The Last Reality ShowStunt Performer2011
Blood Runs ColdStunt Double, stunt coordinator2010
Raubtier - Way of a heroStunt Performer, stunt coordinator2010
Prank'dStunt Performer2009
The DesperatesStunt Performer, stunt coordinator2009
OrionStunt Performer, stunt double, stunt coordinator2009
MadnessStunt Double2008


Norwegian commercialStunt Coordinator, rigging2013
Showtime commercialStunt Performer2013
ValborgStunt Double2012
AlvedonStunt Double2012
Volvo Truck CommercialStunt Performer2011

Video Game

Motion CaptureStunt Assistant2013

Skills / Abilities:

  • Martial Arts (~ 25 years)
    • Jujutsu (4 dan), aikido, judo, karate, and more
    • Weapons (Japanese sword, broad sword, Japanese staffs, quarter staff, chain and others)
  • Screen fight, stage fight (including weapons such as broad sword, quarter staff, short sword and more)
  • "Break falls", stair falls, "prat falls", horse falls
  • Car hits, "vehicle exits" and drags
  • High falls (30')
  • Repelling (any direction)
  • Jerk-backs (hand-pulls and ratchet experience)
  • Wire stunt experience
  • Fire arms handling (military and Swedish Police)
  • Police tactics for arresting and close quarter combat
  • Basic rigging experience